Terms and conditions of purchase



1.1. These general conditions (the "Conditions") will apply when you, as a consumer ("You"), place an order through the website www.cuscoarte.com and the pages related to it (the "Site") . The contract is formalized between Cusart, identified with the tax number RUC 10244958287 and You. On the Site you can find detailed information and other information about Cusart. The conditions are only applicable to you, who are the consumer and who place orders through the Site.

1.2. In order to place an order on the Site, you must be 18 years of age. Cusart does not accept any credit purchases made by persons under the age of 18. Cusart reserves the right to deny or modify your order in specific cases (for example, if the data you have indicated is incorrect and / or you are delinquent). 

1.3. Cusart expresa sus reservas por la interrupción de la venta y los posibles errores en las imágenes o las erratas del Sitio, por ejemplo, errores en la descripción del producto o en las especificaciones técnicas, precios incorrectos o ajustes en los mismos o información incorrecta relativa a si un producto está en stock. Cusart tiene derecho a corregir dichos posibles errores y a modificar o actualizar la información cuando lo estime oportuno. Si se ha indicado un precio erróneo para un producto del que has hecho un pedido, evidentemente Cusart te informará al respecto y quedará a la espera de tu confirmación del precio corregido antes de seguir con el pedido. Toda la información contenida en imágenes que aparece en el Sitio se deberá interpretar de modo meramente ilustrativo. No se puede garantizar que dichas ilustraciones correspondan al aspecto exacto del producto. Cusart no asume ninguna responsabilidad por la información contenida en el Sitio que proceda de un tercero.

1.4. The Site, as well as all the content included in it, is owned by Cusart or its licensors. The information is protected, among other things, by the laws of intellectual property and market. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design and layout, as well as information about products, services and other content may not be copied or used without the written permission of Cusart.


2.1. In order to make a purchase through the Site, you have to accept the Conditions. By accepting the Conditions, you agree to comply with them in their entirety, in addition to confirming that you have read the information on personal data and give your consent to the use of said data and cookies in accordance with the Cusart Privacy Policy, which you can check here.

2.2. The contract of sale is formalized at the moment that Cusart has confirmed your order and you have received the confirmation of it from Cusart by email. Cusart asks that you keep this order confirmation for possible contacts with Cusart Customer Service. You can cancel your order until the moment it has been confirmed by Cusart. In the event of canceling the order, Cusart will return all possible amounts that your credit or payment company or you have made in relation to the order.


3.1. When you register your user account and / or place an order, we will ask you to provide certain personal data. You confirm that the data you indicate is correct and complete and you assume responsibility for the data that you have indicated incorrectly. In the Cusart Privacy Policy you will find information about the treatment of personal data by Cusart.

3.2. You agree that no other person uses your data to log in. You cannot reveal your username or password to any unauthorized person and you will ensure that both are stored in such a way that no unauthorized person can access that information. If you suspect that an unauthorized person has accessed your password, you should notify Cusart immediately. You are responsible for all purchases made with your login information in case of not making such notification.

3.3. In the event that Cusart suspects that you are misusing your user account or your login details, or that, in any other way, you violate the Conditions, Cusart has the right to unsubscribe you. Cusart also has the right to provide you with new login details.


4.1. When making the payment through the Site, the prices indicated on it apply. Prices are indicated in Peruvian soles (PEN) and US dollars (USD) and include taxes. Prices do not include shipping and payment costs, which are indicated separately.

4.2. You can pay in the ways indicated on the Site. You can read more about our payment methods on the Site here. Cusart is entitled to receive payment at the time of placing the order, if the payment is not made against invoice or if you choose another similar form of payment, when Cusart authorizes it. In cases of payment against invoice or partial payments, Cusart or its partners can carry out a credit check. In that case, you will be informed of it. Cusart reserves the right not to always offer all forms of payment or another form of payment if the one you have chosen, for whatever reason, does not work specifically at the time of purchase. Keep in mind that the Site indicates possible limitations regarding payment methods.


Cusart may, when it deems it appropriate, offer promotions on the Site that may have more favorable conditions than those indicated in these Conditions, for example, in relation to payment or an extension of the right of withdrawal. These more favorable conditions will be in force during the entire validity period of the promotion and for the specific products indicated by Cusart in conjunction with the promotion. Cusart reserves the right to cancel, when it deems appropriate, said promotions. When a promotion has been terminated or canceled, these Terms will apply without change. Offers on specific products on the Site are valid for a limited period of time and provided they are in stock.


6.1. Products that are in stock are delivered within the working days indicated on the Site. If the contrary is not agreed (for example, in relation to the reservation of products that are not in stock), the delivery is made at the latest within a period of 15 working days (national destinations) and 40 working days (international destinations) from Cusart's written confirmation by order confirmation. Here you will find more information about the delivery of products by Cusart and the delivery conditions.

6.2. The expected delivery time of the products is indicated in the order confirmation, on the box and / or on the specific product page of the Site. If the opposite is not agreed and a delivery takes more than 40 working days and this is not your fault as a customer, you have the right to cancel the purchase.

6.3. Si vas a recoger un paquete, lo tienes que hacer en el plazo que se indica en el aviso. El paquete normalmente lo recibirás en tu domicilio. De optar por el recojo, debes tener en cuenta recoger en persona presentando una identificación válida y el número de pedido. Recibirás siempre un aviso indicándote dónde y cuándo tienes que recoger el paquete. La notificación te puede llegar por correo electrónico, correo postal o, si has indicado tu número de móvil, incluso llamándote o mandándote un SMS. Si no recoges el paquete, Cusart tiene derecho a cobrarte un importe por el paquete no recogido.


8.1. Some of Cusart's products may be covered by the warranty. On the Site and in these Conditions you can consult the information about the possible guarantee period and the specific guarantee conditions of the corresponding product. The product warranty covers only original factory failures and therefore does not cover failures that occur when or after the function and appearance of the product are changed, such as a rebuild, upgrade or other product configuration. Your order confirmation is valid as proof of warranty.

8.2. The right to claim covers products that are defective in accordance with the consumer protection laws in force in the country of origin. Customers who wish to report defects in the product they have purchased should contact Cusart as soon as possible after detecting the defect using the contact details indicated on the Site. Claims that are made within two months after detecting the defect will always be considered as made within the corresponding period. You have a right to claim for two years on products purchased on the Site.

8.3. Cusart bears the cost of returning approved claims.

8.4. When the product that has been claimed has been returned and the claim is approved, Cusart will compensate you in accordance with the consumer protection laws in force. Cusart will make every effort to make this happen within 14 days after Cusart has received the claim, but it may take longer depending on the nature of the product. Cusart reserves the right to deny a claim if it is proven that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection laws.


Cusart assumes no responsibility for delays caused by circumstances over which Cusart has no control, such as, for example, widespread labor disputes, extreme weather conditions, war, fires, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks, changes in government regulations, technical problems, breakdowns in the electrical, telephone or data connections or other communications, as well as breakdowns or delays in the services of subcontractors as a result of the circumstances indicated here. These circumstances will constitute the basis for the exemption from liability for damages and other consequences. In the event of any such situation occurring, Cusart will inform you at the beginning or end of the term of the situation in question. In the event that the circumstances have lasted more than two months, Cusart and You have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.


Cusart reserves the right to make modifications to these Conditions when it deems it appropriate. All modifications to these Conditions will be published on the Site. The modifications will take effect from the moment you have accepted the Conditions (in relation to a new purchase or when you visit the Site) or, alternatively, 30 days after Cusart has informed you about them. Therefore, Cusart recommends that you be aware of the Site periodically, to be informed of possible changes to the Conditions.